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Management services

Ideally your workload would arrive smoothly and steadily, and you would never struggle for resources. In reality sometimes you just need a safe pair of hands to rely on to get you over the current problem.

Our principal has extensive experience of both multi-million full Prince 2 and light touch, zero resource projects and is happy delivering either.

Performance reviews

Are your projects and programmes not quite delivering the results that you expected? Or are you just trying to do more with less? Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes to help you understand what's going on.

Our principal built his 35 year career on doing just this and would be happy discuss how we can help you.

Proof reading

Ultimately we all read what we've think that we've written which means we can’t really proof read our own work. Ideally a colleague or team member can step in and help, but sometimes this is not practical..

At Sapience we are happy to both correct typos and grammatical errors and to revise and re-order text to bring out your key messages.

Copy editing

You've got 20,000 words but you need half that. Writing for length is a speciality of our Principal. His tour de force was in slimming a Sector Skills Agreement report from 100,000 words to less than 30,000.

Sometimes you’ve got lots of information but somehow the story that you are trying to tell just won’t emerge. We can dig it out and tell it for you.

Working with words

Report writing

Turning evidence into a story can be time consuming and there is so much else to do. We can help by taking this on , leaving you free to do what you do best.

We offer custom styles to ensure consistency and multi column formats to enhance readability. We can incorporate graphics in a number of eye catching ways and can  offer short punchy summary reports or longer, highly structured technical reports.