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Intuitively we all know that the past is easier to understand than the future. Past events can be measured and analysed with a high degree of certainty.

However this type of information is poor at predicting future trends and identifying drivers of change. Without a robust view of trends and drivers it is difficult to plan ahead in anything other than the very shortest of terms.

Sapience Consulting can help with a range of advanced research techniques to give you the robustly grounded, well rounded view of present issues and future trends that you need to make well informed decisions.

Please see our pages on "Understanding the present” and "Measuring the Future" for more details.

Our Services

Workloads are rarely smooth and sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands to rely on. We can help with a range of project and interim management services.

Do you ever wonder why your projects and programmes aren't quite delivering the results that you expected?  We can offer project and programme reviews and a process mapping service to help you understand the root cause of your performance issues.

Sometimes it’s just about getting your message across. Sapience Consulting can offer report writing, copy editing and proof reading services.

Please see our page on Business Services for more details

Evaluation is about demonstrating how well something has delivered against expectations. Good evaluation requires and in-depth understanding of Value Chains and how they should be applied.

A value chain has the following elements:


Inputs, Activities and Outputs are by their nature the easiest to measure using data from project records and evaluations up to the output stage can offer valuable insight into your processes and protocols.

Outcomes are most amenable to measurement using interviews and surveys and we are happy to design and deliver such projects to give an independent view.

Impacts require more specialised techniques and we offer two techniques for assessing impact: Plausible Link Analysis (PLA)and Social Return on Investment (SROI).

PLA is the simplest to employ but SROI, while more complex, has the advantage of being recognised by HM Treasury as an impact measure.

Which ever you prefer we have the experience to help you through the process and save you from having to reinvent the wheel.

Please see our page on Evaluation for more details.

Understanding the present and measuring the future Helping you with your business Evaluation - demonstrating value