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Seeing the whole picture

We believe that data and statistics are a useful starting point for developing a clear understanding of key issues affecting your organisation and the options you have to address them.

To build on what we learn from the data we use a range of proven methods including focus groups, action workshops and scenario planning sessions to understand the data in context.

Grounded Theory Analysis is used to understand and interpret the outputs of such activities.

Drivers of change

We are all subject to outside influences and it is important to understand these and their implications for you.

At Sapience Consulting we believe that only by understanding your drivers of change these can you know what you should be doing today to be ready for the changes of tomorrow.

Sapience Consulting can help you develop the monitoring programme you need and, if you wish, deliver it on your behalf.

Research data

There are two types of data - Quantitative (numbers) and Qualitative (opinions) - with each having is pros and cons.

Numbers are easy to understand, compare, and to trend over time but they cannot answer questions like “why is it happening”.

Opinions offer valuable insight into reasons for historic events as well as views of the future.

Sapience Consulting can offer a ranges of qualitative and quantitative research skills to build your evidence base.

Research approaches

There are two research approaches - using existing sources of information (Secondary Research) or developing you own information (Primary Research).

Secondary research is useful because someone else has done the legwork.

Primary research has the reverse properties: you get exactly what you want but it can be resource intensive.

Sapience Consulting is happy to work with which ever approach suits your needs best.

Understand The Present Research Data and methods